What is TopAdsMedia?

TopAdsMedia.com is an affiliate network that provides to its advertisers/affiliates with top performing advertising offers and real-time tracking, top payouts, on time payments and 24/7 top notch support.


How do I join TopAdsMedia as an Advertiser or Publisher?

You can fill out our advertiser or publisher applications, and we will take a look at it and get back to you within 2-3 business days at most.


Are there any fees to join TopAdsMedia as an Advertiser or as a Publisher?

Becoming a TopAdsMedia affiliate or advertiser is free of charge. There is  an approval process to ensure that an advertiser’s offers or an affiliate’s promotional methods are a mutually beneficial match for the affiliate network.


Can I join the network  if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. TopAdsMedia accepts advertisers and publishers from all over the world.


What is affiliate marketing?

A method of marketing whereby publishers are permitted to sell an advertiser’s products for a commission. The publisher assumes all the advertising risk and is only paid a CPA per valid action as defined by the advertiser.


What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, matching products and services with media and marketing experience. The network polices the advertisers offers and also provides publishers with a tracking system to help monitor earnings and performance metrics.


What is an Advertiser?

An advertiser has a product or service that they would like to have marketed by affiliates within an affiliate network. Advertisers often work with multiple networks, but we try to gain exclusivity for top performing offers.


What is an Affiliate/Publisher?

A affiliate/publisher is paid on a specified action for marketing the advertiser’s products and services according to the guidelines listed for an offer. There are many kinds of media that publishers use for marketing, such as email, banners, search, contextual, pop-ups, incentives, and social media. Payouts are defined by the advertiser and can be on a CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC, etc.


What is CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC and CPM?

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition (or Action) – a valid lead as defined by the advertiser.
CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) are often used interchangeably depending on the action needed to be taken.
CPC is Cost Per Click and defines a commission generated upon a click of the offer.
CPM represents Cost Per Thousand (M is the roman numeral for Thousand), which is a set payment for emailers based on every thousand names to which they mail an offer.




How often are my commission statistics updated?

Your statistics are shown in real-time. This means that you can log in 24/7/365 to review your commissions earned and best optimize your campaigns.


When do I get paid?

TopAdsMedia’s standard isNET15 and NET30 payments for all affiliates. This means you should expect to receive your commission in 15 or 30 days from the end of each calendar month. For our best affiliates, we offer a variety of much faster payment plans – many receive weekly and bi-weekly payments.


What methods can I get paid?

We offer Wire, Western Union, Money Gram, Payza and PayPal payments.We can add other payments options according to your needs.


What is your minimum payment policy?

Payments will be sent when your account has reached a minimum of $25 in revenue, which includes a combination of both marketing commission and referral bonus money earned. Accounts with a balance of less than $25.00 will roll over to the next month(s) until the $25 threshold is met.


Do I need a W-9 or W-8 BEN Form to get paid?

All US affiliates are required to fill out and sign a W-9 Form in order to get paid, as per US Government regulations. Please make sure you sent your completed W-9 to your affiliate manager. You can download the form from your affiliate account. Foreign affiliates have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to get paid.


What is the Referral Program, and how much can I make referring affiliates?

The Referral Program rewards you for every affiliate you sign up with TopAdsMedia – for life! We pay you an amazing 5% bonus on ALL commissions generated by all of your referred affiliates. The bonus gets paid with your monthly check and you can check statistics on your bonus in the Reports->Referrals Reports. If you would like to refer someone to TopAdsMedia, please make sure to send them your unique referral tracking link which can be found in your personal account’s Snapshot zone.



Media Types & Marketing Methods

What types of media do you allow to promote offers on TopAdsMedia?

TopAdsMedia optimizes all creative on our site so that we ensure the best performance for all of your campaigns. For any given offer, we allow e-mail, banner, search engine, social, pop up, contextual, incent and host and post marketing.


How do I know which marketing methods are permitted for an offer?

Each offer allows one or more methods of marketing, which is based on the media available for the offer. Additionally, specific instructions are clearly listed in the offer description. Please make sure you strictly adhere to the instructions for each offer, and if you should ever have any questions, always feel free to contact your affiliate manager.


What types of sites do you accept for promoting TopAdsMedia offers?

Almost any site can be accepted into our network as long as they adhere to our terms and conditions. We do NOT permit adult or any other sites that are derogatory or vulgar in nature.  Incentive sites are permitted, but must be specified via the check box on the application to become an affiliate so that we can target the proper campaigns. Only specified offers can be incentivized.


Can I promote TopAdsMedia offers on Social Networking and Job Listing sites?

Most of TopAdsMedia offers can be promoted ONLY on your own profile or content page, or through media buys approved by such sites. But some offers are allowed to promote using any legal methods. If you are unsure about a campaign, please contact your Affiliate Manager for approval before proceeding.


How do I pull my tracking link for a campaign?

Each creative is uniquely coded with your tracking url. When you find an offer you like on the Offers page, you click through on that offer. Once at this Offer Details screen, you are provided with a suite of available creatives at the bottom, where you can click “Get Code” to get the HTML and your unique tracking url for the creative. We highly recommend that you always use the unique url with its associated creative, this way you can easily track which versions convert better for you.